Ifrah Law Widely Recognized as the Gambling Industry’s Go-to Law Firm

Within the past few years, the landscape and public opinion regarding legal gambling has vastly shifted.  The Ifrah Law team got ahead of this trend and is well versed in guiding clients in various gaming verticals through the online gaming and sports betting industry’s business, legal requirements, and government relations.  Whether helping clients with licensing applications, set-up, process, qualification, or negotiating and drafting partnership deals, the team is prepared to guide all clients seamlessly through the process of launching operations and platforms.  Ifrah Law knows the regulators and the nuances in each state’s newly written laws. Since the inception of gaming legalization, Ifrah Law has been active in moving the industry and our clients forward.

Ifrah Law has experience working with all clients in the gambling industry across the world, including Indian Tribes, casinos, off-track betting facilities, platform operators and their affiliates, and payment processors and investors, to name a few.  Ifrah Law’s clients also include professional sports teams.  Since the shift in legalization and public opinion regarding gambling, professional sports teams are and should be seeing green; ready to find a potential partner for betting operations and sponsorship.  

Recently, Ifrah Law assisted with closing and drafting a partnership deal on behalf of a professional basketball team.  The Ifrah team helped negotiate and draft terms on a deal with a mobile sports betting operator.  The transaction was groundbreaking as it was a partnership deal in a state that has yet to legalize sports betting.  The Ifrah team, however, used its experience in the industry to prepare reasonable and mutually beneficial terms regardless of future official legalization or regulations.  The deal also portrayed the industry’s value, as the operator was willing to pay significant value to a professional sports team partner even before it knew a launch in the state was imminent. 

Similarly, we have worked with another professional sports team and its operator partner in pursuing sports betting licensing. Our team has interacted extensively with state regulators, team owners and the business partner. We negotiated a sponsorship and operating agreement and guided the team through the process for obtaining a preferred status for licensing. 

Regardless of where states are in their legalization process or clients are in their experience and launch timeline, Ifrah Law is ready to continue to move the country, the industry, and its clients forward.  Ifrah Law’s experience and expertise is unmatched; the Ifrah team will continue to be an industry leader, pushing it forward while providing the best opportunities and landscape for its clients.